Calgary Society of Community Opportunities

Man Cave:

Lady Bugs:

A group where men can get together and be men. Have a coffee, hang with the guys, and maybe learn a thing
or two along the way!

Looking to meet other women as talented and interesting as you? Our group is the perfect place to socialize,
explore, and express yourself.

Rhythm and Drums:

March to the beat of your own drum...or to your favourite song! You can bang, rattle, and shake with our wide assortment of percussion instruments. Instruments will be provided.

Music and Motion:

This class is designed for all abilities – your best is always good enough. Come for the music, come for the people,
and most of all, come for the fun! Please bring appropriate footwear if applicable.

Food for Fun:

Love food? We do too! In this class you will meet fellow foodies, gain some serious kitchen skills, and best of all –
eat what you cook! No need to pack a lunch, all materials and food are included in the registration fee.